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dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Social Bookmarks, meldt je Blog entries etc. daar aan!!

Onderstaand artikel maakt duidelijk wat social bookmarks zijn en wat het nut is.

It is very important that you social Bookmark all your marketing methods at every opportunity. Whether you have time to do ten or a hundred it should be taken deadly serious. Social bookmarking sites are like gold and should be treated like it!
For example every Article, Press Release or Blog post I publish I will also Bookmark it to at least twenty sites. Those of you that haven’t already tried it you are missing out on something very special. It doesn’t add that much time to your marketing and the results are truly amazing.
I remember the very first time that I Bookmarked it was about a year ago and it was an article about SEO that I had submitted to at the time my articles were very similar both in length and quality.
I only submitted it to two social bookmarking sites and it added another 300 views than it would have done normally. Plus I had loads of sales from it which was a great added bonus. After this first try at social Bookmarking sites I decided it was simply something that I couldn’t live without and I now Bookmark to at least 20 sites for each of submissions.
When you first start doing it, it can take you a while to get the hang of it but with practice you can become very fast at it. They are all completely different from site to site, some can be done in 60 seconds others can take five minutes but it is worth every moment.
Why not try it out with a Blog post and see exactly were the traffic is coming from and that way you can decide whether or not it is worth it.
 Here are my favourites

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