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woensdag 12 januari 2011

Een Geweldig voorbeeld van het praktisch toepassen van LinkedIn (groepen) en jouw product vermarkten

Ik ontving dit in de mail (linkedIn), direct mensen benaderen om jou inzichten uit te dragen, fantastisch toch?

Ook al is het ook slimme direct marketing (en dankzij dit blog een beetje viral) :)

You and Marci Shimoff share a network or group.
Hi Bart

My name’s Marci Shimoff and I just wanted to reach out to you to introduce myself, and see if you might want to connect further here on LinkedIn.

I’m a six time best-selling author having sold more than 13 Million books to date. I had the fortune of being featured on the movie the Secret, which is where most know me from, but I also run a very successful business training with clients such as AT&T, General Motors, Sears, Kaiser Permanente, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

I am writing because of two reasons. First, I’d like to get you involved with my upcoming book launch, titled “Love for No Reason” which is released next month, January 11th. Second, I see from your profile that you may be a good person to represent my brand and new coaching/training course. I am not sure if it’s a perfect fit, so I have created a short video to better explain it if you would like to check it out.
You can get more information here: 
As I look around, I think you’ll agree, that what the world needs now really is love. Imagine all of us being able to bring love to everything in life—our family, friends, co-workers, even to the things that we find challenging. I believe that with support from you and others like you, we can make a major difference in the world.

I know networking here on LinkedIn can be challenging, so please accept my invitation to connect here, and although I’m super busy with this launch, would love to respond to any email correspondence as well, please be patient though through the holidays as I don’t frequent LinkedIn too often.

If you aren’t able to join me for the coaching program, I completely understand, I just wanted to take a moment to reach out, connect for the first time and share my passion for improving the world.

This book is my personal passion and it is so true to my heart. Your support and willingness to share this message with those you think would benefit is just as appreciated!

In gratitude,

~ Marci

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